Electric Sit-Down Moving Mast Reach Trucks (1.400 / 1.600 kg)


Designed with 3-phase AC technology for drive, lift and steering, the ETV series of high reach trucks offers several advantages: 

  • Rapid acceleration, precise speed control and smooth directional changes.
  • Longer forklift operating times due to energy reclamation during braking.



Patented mast-reach cushioning, with travel speed automatically reduced to crawl speed if the load is raised above the free-lift height.

Jungheinrich® Curve Control for advanced stability during cornering.

Truck performance software can be adjusted to meet your specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits.

Energy Efficiency

Delivers maximum throughput with low energy consumption.

Energy efficient design allows the moving mast reach truck to operate for up to 2 shifts on a single battery charge in many applications. 

Software, Motors, and Controllers utilize Jungheinrich's exclusive AC technology to deliver maximum power with minimum energy consumption.

Advanced hydraulic system reduces energy consumption for high pump speeds to provide high efficiency levels.

Energy Efficiency


The reach truck's spacious operator compartment combines comfort and functionality to improve operator efficiency. 

  • 3-way adjustable full-suspension seat for maximum operator comfort.
  • soloPILOT and multiPILOT handles now offer a more intuitive control for operators.
  • The easy-to-read operator 4" LED bright-color display makes it easy for operators to remain fully aware of truck status at all times.
  • The sturdy mast and narrow, angled overhead guard promote good visibility to the load even in high stacking applications.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Higher capacities and improved finish due to cold-rolled mast steel material.

Total Cost Of Ownership
ETV/ETM 214/216

ETV/ETM 214/216

The ETV/ETM 214/216 reach trucks offer powerful and efficient 3-phase AC drive, lift and steer control.

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