Compact forklift with LPG drive CGC40-70

Powerful drive

Powerful drive

Proven PSI 4.3 l LPG engine

  • Economical consumption
  • Smooth 6-cylinder engine
  • Standard controlled 3-way catalytic converter
  • Engines comply with emission stage 5

Automatic emergency shutdown

  • To protect your investment, the temperature of the engines and transmission are monitored. The engine is switched off if necessary

Environmentally friendly

  • The environmentally friendly engines ensure high performance and smooth operation

Low centre of gravity

Due to the cushion tyres, the CGC-series forklifts have an extremely low centre of gravity.

This allows for extremely high residual capacities even at height. The cushion tyres used have excellent traction on smooth surfaces and hence reduce fuel consumption.

Low centre of gravity
Low running costs

Low running costs

  • Long maintenance intervals
  • High-performance coolers as standard
  • Floor board can be removed without service tools
  • Reduced fuel consumption through optimum engine efficiency / performance
  • Quick and easy access to maintenance-relevant components
  • Long service life due to stable CLARK uprights

Generous interior with plenty of legroom

The interior of the generously designed operator’s workplace offers the driver sufficient headroom and legroom. The driver can enter and exit comfortably via a large step. 
Handles on both sides of the truck increase safety. The steering column is tiltable and can be adjusted individually.

Generous interior with plenty of legroom
Sturdy truck frame

Sturdy truck frame

  • The chassis consists of welded shaped steel plates that protect against impact damage and give the truck a long service life
  • The integrated hydraulic oil tank with decentralised ventilation ensures perfect cooling of the hydraulics even under heavy load

A true space wonder

For comparison: the CLARK C40 LPG forklift truck with a 4 t capacity and superelastic or pneumatic tyres has a turning radius of 2,843 mm, while the CGC70 with a capacity of 7 t has a turning radius of 2,728 mm. The truck can also raise 3 t more load with almost the same turning radius. In terms of working aisle width, the CGC70 with a width of 4,425 mm also shines compared to the C40, which has a working aisle width of 4,816 mm.

A true space wonder
Steering axle

Steering axle

  • The spherically mounted tie rods withstand shocks from uneven ground without breaking or coming loose
  • The tapered roller bearings of the stub axle bearings can be lubricated and ensure a long service life
  • The tapered roller bearings used can be replaced quickly during service and reduce downtimes

Operator position

Full suspension CLARK vinyl seat as standard

  • 15 cm adjustable seating position
  • Ergonomically shaped seat cushion
  • Seat belt

Structured, non-slip floor mat

  • Damping of vibrations and noises
  • Increases driver comfort

Protected lighting

  • Work lights, brake and reversing lights and indicators are mounted high to prevent damage

Tilting steering column

  • For optimum adjustment to the driver Ergonomic hydraulic levers
  • Handy position for easy operation

Operator position


  • 1 gear transmission as standard for CGC40
  • 2 gear transmission as standard for CGC50-70

Electronically controlled automatic switching

  • Comfortable and precise travel
  • No further adjustment is necessary even in the most difficult operations; sensitive working is ensured


  • The choice of robust components ensures a long service life

Inching pedal

  • The inching pedal with integrated brake function enables controlled travel with simultaneous fast lifting

Sturdy upright and fork carriage design

Unhindered visibility

  • Nested upright sections allow space for cylinders, hoses and chains

Nested I channels

  • The upright sections with I channel are 55 % more torsionally rigid than traditional flat sections
  • Less deformation even with side impacts
  • As a result, longevity and stability is improved even at high lift heights

Angled load rollers

  • 6-roller fork carriage with 4 side support rollers
  • Optimum load distribution and minimum free play

Sturdy upright and fork carriage design


The cushion forklifts with capacities from 4 to 7 t are specially designed for space-critical applications with heavy loads, where they excel with their very small turning radius and high performance. These workhorses are powered by the proven PSI six-cylinder, 82 kW LPG engine (4.3 l). This is equipped with a controlled 3-way catalytic converter.

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